Welcome to AS Enterprises - The largest Grower, Processor, Importer & Exporter of Fruits and Vegitables

We are a prominent grower, processor, Importer & Exporter of fresh fruit and vegetables, specializing in supply our products to local and international markets since 1949. AS Enterprises also known as Al-Sharif Farms. We have 400 dedicated workers and have multiple Cold Storages of 50,000 tons of capacity through out the year to provide refrigerated storage and preservation facilitiy, that enable us to supply more than 2,000 tons each month. We started with a vision to establish our company as the most trusted exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables of Pakistan. Our target is to supply best quality products at highly economical rates to our valued customers. Our sincere efforts have successfully won the faith of customers and became the most preferred exporter in the global market. Attributing to quality as leading factor in our success, we focus on providing hygienic and top end quality fruit and Vegetables to our customers. We follow a zero tolerance policy in terms of quality assurance of fruit and Vegetables.